Exam Preparation

Before the exam

When you are preparing for an exam it is VERY important that you ensure that you have practised all your exercises, and know what each of the exercises are called.

You need to make sure that you have prepared as well as you can, this includes attending all the extra lessons that you can, taking the notes and music to practise and taking time at home to work on the exercises you know are tricky.

Make sure that you have the correct uniform, both ballet and character, well in advance of the exam. Do not go and buy new ballet shoes the week before the exam as they will not have time to fit your feet perfectly.

The day of the exam

Make sure you have plenty of sleep the night before your exam.

Check that you have no nail varnish on your fingers or any tattoos showing. Leave all your jewellery at home.

Do not wash your hair the morning of your exam, or the day before. It will make your hair too wispy to put up in a bun.

Bring everything that you need, including your exam uniform including character uniform. Remember you need to bring all the kit for your hair: bobbles, granny pins, bun net and hairspray.

Don’t forget to return any music, notes or dvds that you have borrowed.

During the exam

The exam shouldn’t be frightening for you. Treat it like a normal class, you have worked really hard and now it is time for you to show off your work. You will not be expected to do anything that you haven’t been taught in class (except in the Vocational exams), so don’t worry and try to enjoy the experience.

We endeavour to meet the following objectives: