Ballet Benefits


Ballet offers many potential benefits for both body and mind. It’s a total body workout that requires both discipline and focus but is also enjoyable. Plus, ballet is usually taught in a group setting which gives an opportunity to interact with other dancers.

Here are some of the many benefits of ballet:

Promotes better posture

Ballet exercises require the use of good posture and alignment. For this reason, many ballet classes teach postural alignment exercises which help to promote good posture and create awareness of good alignment.

Sculpts and tones the body

The movements taught in ballet classes are designed to tone and firm muscles without developing bulk so dancers develop long and lean muscles as opposed to thick, bulky ones.

Develops poise and body awareness

Barre exercises are designed to help build poise and grace which are necessary traits that a successful ballerina must have. These exercises are repeated at each class to help build balance, strength, and poise.

Helps to relieve stress

Performing ballet exercises and movements, relaxes the mind and removes the cares of the world. The focus shifts to concentrating on each movement and the placement of legs and arms.

Promotes creative expression

Ballet is not simply a form of exercise, it’s also a form of artistic expression. Each dance movement is interpreted in an individual’s own unique way thus developing personal expression.

Promotes flexibility

The movements of ballet are quite effective in promoting flexibility. Ballet uses muscles that are seldom used in other sports, giving a total body flexibility workout.

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