Pauline Younger

I danced with Heather for as far back as I can remember and kept it up until I left school when I was 18. Alloa Ballet Company and Stirling Academy of Dance continually got bigger and better throughout my time there and I’m sure it continues to do so now! My first classes were in an old church hall where the floors were so dirty we had to bring old towels to sit on! Despite this I always remember enjoying my dance classes. Its only since I’ve been in university that I realise how much more I gained from dancing other than simply enjoying it. I am now studying to be a doctor and have no doubt that dancing with Heather taught me how to be confident in my abilities, which is so important for medical students. The discipline and teamwork skills I learnt have also benefited me. And there is a striking similarity between a dance examiner watching you jump about and a consultant breathing down your neck when you’re taking blood for the first time! Although I really enjoy studying medicine there is not enough time to dance as much so I’m glad I did so when I had the chance.

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