Fiona Mathieson

Pirouettes, plies and Pointe shoes!

The last few weeks of my time at university has triggered a time of reflection on where I have come from, and pondering about what the future holds.
I started ballet at the age of four and I still have vague memories from those early years, but it was the final couple of years that have really stuck with me. From the moment I got my first Pointe shoes until I left to go to university. That is the time I felt like a true dancer!
Some of my best memories are from the Wednesday night classes in the Argyle Centre not only learning how to dance properly, but also from the other girls in the class. Even when we were meant to be concentrating I don’t think there were many nights where we did not laugh about something!
For me, the shows were always the highlight though as it meant we would be learning dances instead of preparing for exams. It was also after the final curtain on the of my last show (Sleeping Beauty) that I realised how much I would miss dancing when I left to go to university.
To my delight though, on the first day of freshers’ week I discovered that Strathclyde had a dance society and I did not have to give up completely. Through the society I have learned a variety of dance types that I had never tried before – from bollywood, to tango! I also have been lucky enough to take part in their annual shows, and so again enjoyed the thrill of getting dressed up and performing on stage with friends. Even when I spent a year abroad in South America as part of my course I used the opportunity to learn salsa and bachata, and my passion for dancing has only grown over the years.
So now, five years later and I’m about to embark on another chapter of my life. I start work in an accounts firm in September; I am engaged; and ultimately I am very settled living in Glasgow. The old cliché has definitely held true for me where people say ‘university is the best years of your life’, but I also have fond memories of my time before, and I am very happy to say that I started out my dancing with Heather! I think it is always something that will stay with me, as I love to dance as much now as I did then, and I think dancing will always be part of my life. It is Heather I have to thank for that!

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