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“Dancing to me as a mum, means a place that my daughter feels like she belongs.” –  Lisa (current parent)

Within our dance family, we passionately believe in and strive to recognise every student as an individual.  As well as teaching to an extremely high standard our teachers nurture every student to dream big. 

In our studio we endeavour to create a supportive and non competitive environment where encouraging words inspire every child to flourish and build confidence. We offer opportunities to further develop these skills through performances including our biennial show and exams. We are passionate about the development of confidence, creativity and the exploration of our emotions through dance.

We offer a wide spectrum of vocational and graded exams as well as presentation classes. The exam process is an excellent way for students to work towards their goals and we support them to achieve this. Exams are a great way for students to develop:


Dance is not only about technique and hard work; our students also need to study theory. Exams help in strengthening techniques, developing strong fundamentals and clarity about the dance form.


With teamwork, mutual respect and a shared studio environment, exams help our students to improve their self-esteem too. Exams instill character, values and a passion for excellence in our students.


The exams are a way for our students to mark their progress in the dance form. Certificates and medals are presented in class to show students that we value their achievement.

As a parent/guardian you too are part of Alloa Ballet Company’s Family. Every term you are welcome to watch your child’s developing technique and progress. We also create memories where you can join in and dance with your child in their class, a fantastic experience for both parents and children alike.  There are also opportunities to help out with show fund raising activities, take part in one-off events and also participate in the adult classes that we offer.

We endeavour to meet the following objectives: