All pupils are asked to wear our school uniform to all classes. Pupils may be sent out of class if they are inappropriately dressed or if their hair is untidy.

In the interests of safety, jewellery must not be worn in any classes.


White ballet shoes & whitesocks with white short sleeve leotard or tight fitting T-shirt. Worn with navy shorts. Black canvas character shoes are required for Grade 1 upwards.


Hair must be tied back from the face in a ponytail or similar style.

Grade 3 Ballet upwards, hair to be worn in a bun (see below).

All Grades

Snug fitting pink ballet shoes with elastic (ribbons for vocational grades). Ballet shoes must not be bought “with room to grow” as the extra leather may cause the dancer to trip over.
In cooler weather a pink crossover ballet cardigan may be worn. School sweatshirts and T shirts may be worn in cooler weather. No baggy T-shirts.

Tiny Tots, Pre Primary & Primary

Pale pink wrapover skirt NOTE this is new and supersedes the pink voile spotty skirt. If you have purchased a voile skirt, do not worry, just remember that the next skirt should be wrapover. Pink short sleeve leotard. Pink ballet socks

Grades 1 and 2

1st Position Alice Cap Sleeved Ruched Leotard (Matt Nylon). Colour Indigo. Pink ballet socks. Character skirt, low heel character shoes

Grade 3 – 8

Roch Valley Teresa Velour Leotard. Colour navy. Pink ballet socks or ballet tights. Character skirt, Cuban heel character shoes.
Grades 6 – 8 navy long chiffon skirt

Vocational Graded Classes
1st Position Lauren Cap Sleeve Leotard (Matt Nylon). Colour Sapphire

ABT Mary Levels 4/5/6/7 Camisole Leotard (ABT 05). Colour Violet
OR ABT Jenna Levels 4/5/6/7 Cap Sleeved Leotard (ABT04). Colour Violet

ABT Mary Levels 4/5/6/7 Camisole Leotard (ABT 05). Colour Violet
OR ABT Jenna Levels 4/5/6/7 Cap Sleeved Leotard (ABT04). Colour Violet

All Vocational Classes
Pink ballet tights. Pink Satin soft blocks (for Intermediate upwards) and Pointe shoes. Note no split sole ballet shoes are to be worn in vocational classes. Check out the videos to help tying pointe shoe ribbons.


How to do a ballet bun



Tying your ribbons




Black split sole jazz shoes can be worn. Jazz trainers can be worn at the discretion of the teacher from Grade 3 upwards.

Primary – Grade 4

Raspberry or purple sleeveless lycra leotard. Black cycle shorts.

Vocational grades

Pupil’s own choice of style and colour of leotard , black cycle shorts, jazz pants or footless tights.


Black tap shoes

Primary – Grade 2

Raspberry or purple sleeveless lycra leotard. Matching circular skirt. White ankle socks.

Grade 3 – 4

Raspberry or purple leotard with black jazz pants.

We endeavour to meet the following objectives: